DD Contracting is fortunate enough to have a highly trained and professional crushing crew and two crushers.  Our highly trained crew and well maintained equipment can recycle both asphalt and concrete.  These units are fully mobile and are 100% capable of measuring quantities for complete accuracy.

Benefits of Recycled Concrete and Asphalt:

  • Save Money – Disposal can cost as high as $100 per Ton to transport
  • Save Time – Removed from the area in minimal time
  • Convenience – Can be done right on site!
  • Save the Environment – Reduce landfill waste

Benefits of End Product:

  • Provides a product for superior compaction and constructability.
  • Is being used in concrete and asphalt products with better performance over comparable virgin aggregate.
  • Recycled aggregates are lighter weight per unit of volume, which means less weight per cubic yard, resulting in reduced material cost, haul costs and overall project costs.
  • Typically has higher absorption and lower specific gravity than natural aggregate and will produce concrete with slightly drying, shrinkage, and creep.
  • Ideal for repairing soft spots in road construction.
  • Can be used in place of base course material in parking lot/road construction and top coated with recycled asphalt.